Cornerstone Dedication

On Tuesday, September 12th, 2023, members of National Lodge No. 568, along with several visiting brethren, were in attendance to dedicate our Cornerstone, which now sits proudly near the entrance of the Barberton Masonic Complex. The program started at 7:00pm, with a dedication ceremony following the Grand Lodge protocol. The cornerstone was sprinkled with corn wine and oil, and the brethren in attendance applied their own special touch of cement for the capstone, which adorns the top of the cornerstone. The base stone, which the cornerstone sits on, had the original Lodge charter date of October 19th, 1893, and the new dedication date of September 12th, 2023. The capstone has National Lodge No. 568 engraved on the front edges. A small brass plaque will be applied to the base, which reads:

Here lies the original cornerstone from the previous Masonic Temple. It represents over 129 years of Masonry in Barberton, and after the long and arduous journey across the tempestuous waters of Lake Anna, it has reached this resting place, to continue that legacy. As you walk past this precious landmark, reflect on the rich history and traditions on which this fraternity, and especially this lodge, has endured.

See photos below: September 12th, 2023, Cornerstone Dedication

Girl Scout Troop 90250

The groups of Girl Scouts who meet for activities and adventures are called Girl Scout troops. And once you find yours, you’ll never want to let them go.

Why? Because these Girl Scouts and their families are going to become a circle of friendship like you’ve never had before. Your troop is a safe space where you can take risks, have fun, and be your true, unfiltered self.

Together, you’ll learn that what makes each of you unique is also what makes you powerful.

With all this support and encouragement, it’s not surprising that four out of five Girl Scouts say they have a best friend in their troop.

National Lodge #568 is now a proud sponsor and if you want more information, click on the link below or contact Jessica Schill at

Lodge Room Dedication

On Sunday, June 4th, 2023, members of National Lodge No. 568, along with the Grand Master of Ohio, Most Worship Brother Steven M. Grindle and the Grand Lodge Officers were in attendance to dedicate our new Lodge room located within the Barberton Masonic Complex. The ceremony started at 1:00pm and was conducted in accordance to the Grand Lodge code.

As part of the ceremony, National Lodge was presented with the dedication carpet, which was sprinkled with the corn wine and oil, which was used during the program.

“May the principles of Ancient Craft Masonry receive the fellowship of the living and of coming generations, where all men everywhere meet on the level, act by the
plumb, and part upon the square”

See pictures below.

June 4th, 2023, Lodge Room Dedication

GrandView Membership Portal

In previous bulletins, we showed you how to gain access to the Grand Lodge of Ohio Membership portal; which is called GrandView.  Here are a few more items within the portal that will help you navigate.

When you login into Grand Lodge Masonic Membership Manager (, you will be presented with the dashboard referenced above.  You can select items such as an events page, Grand Lodge information, a Resource page, My Profile and also find other lodges.  For this lesson, we are using the ‘Feed’ selection.
  Once you click on ‘Feed’, you are presented with communications from your Lodge, your District Lodge Officer’s as well as The Grand Lodge of Ohio information.  Other Districts will also post in this area.   They may also contain links to specific forms or flyers for events, such as the Golf Outings and Awards Night.   These are just a few examples.