Master’s Message

Words from our Master

Greetings Brethren,

I hope this message finds you all in good health and wellbeing! Summer is upon us, and I must say the weather has been beautiful. I hope that you all are enjoying it with your friends and family. Our lodge is growing, and great things are ahead for us.  This month would be a great time to get involved with lodge, if you have been out of touch a little. We have degree work lined up as we have been having over the last couple months and this would be a great time to check out some great degree work.  Our last degree was a young man who is the son of an officer, and it was truly special.  A Past Master of ours, Worshipful Brother James R. Moore, was also in attendance. His dedication to come to lodge, health issues and all, are a testament to what we should all look at as a model of brotherly love and support of our lodge. Thank you, WB Jim Moore, for your presence.

I hope to see you all soon and I wish you all prosperity!



Tyson T. Trammell