Master’s Message

Words from our Master

Greetings Brethren,

Brethren, it has been a wonderful summer!! I hope that everyone has enjoyed spending that quality time with their families and have made exceptional memories! I appreciate everyone who came out for our annual corn roast! Those that couldn’t make it, definitely missed out on some great food and fantastic fellowship. 

My time as your Worshipful Master is running short, but at the same time our biggest fundraiser is upon us! The city of Barberton will be hosting their annual Mum fest. Which, as National Lodge members; we refer to this as Bologna Fest!!! This annual fundraiser helps us keep our annual dues rates within reason. While all of us have enjoyed a little rest these past two months. I hope we all can take this opportunity to give back to the fraternity and come out to support National Lodge with this fundraiser in any way you can!!

Furthermore, going back to our old traditions, I am having the officers jump seats. With this added time in their new positions, I think it will give us a better shot of winning “best degree” again!! Yet, nothing is a guarantee and as always, I am willing to help each and every one of you get to where you want to be. I am always just a phone call or text away!

Lastly brethren, on September 12th, we will be setting our cornerstone and time capsule. I hope to see everyone at this very historical event!

Until then, travel light!!


Steven D. Prentiss, WM