Gentleman, the Ides of March are upon us!  This saying refers to the 74th day of the Roman calendar that corresponds to March 15th which is notorious as the date of the assassination of Julius Caesar.  The 15th was also notable because it was the deadline for settling debts. 

Well brethren, on March 9th, National Lodge has a debt to settle!  It is the day of our annual inspection and your officers have been putting in the time to bring home the best inspection award! Bro. Nichols has put forth a lot of time and effort into his examinations and thus has been selected as our candidate for the degree. 

So, if your able, come on out and support Bro. Nichols and #568!!  A great reason to break the cabin fever before St. Patty’s!  **St. Patrick was alive in the 5th century and was known for converting Irish pagans into Christians.  He never drove snakes out of Ireland as the allegory is told because they did not even inhabit the region.  We do celebrate on the 17th because that is when he passed. 

Well, enough history, let us enjoy the present!  I will see you all on Tuesday!! Travel light my brethren!!!


Steven D. Prentiss