First off, congratulations go out to Bro Michael C. Landals for taking the very solemn vows or matrimony! I wish him and Kaitlin the absolute best!

The investigation committee was supposed to meet with Charles P. Clayton on the 29th but he must have gotten the date mixed up.  I spoke with him on the phone and we will be meeting on May 13th at 7:00 p.m.  All officers and interested brethren are encouraged to attend!

The temple board will be meeting on May 6th. I will be discussing our new boiler issues we have come across recently with plans to repair. These meetings are important and involve the background on running the building.  Any officers or interested brothers are also encouraged to attend.

Worshipful Master W. Neil Vick, II is having the officers progress to their next station.  This is always exciting as to learn the new parts of the ritual and to see new faces in the chairs.  Any brother wanting to practice or go over any part of the ritual, don’t hesitate to reach out as we are all here to assist each other.

Finally, as the weather gets nicer and the rain starts to dry up, I commend and appreciate the brethren that still come out and support their lodge.  I’m hoping the regulations on the parks are lifted in anticipation for our corn roast!  But I will keep everyone informed the best that I can.  With all that said, I hope this message finds everyone safe, healthy, and in good spirits!

As always brethren, Travel light!


Steven D. Prentiss