Senior Warden Message


Greeting’s brethren!

First and foremost, I would like to congratulate Brother Pell for taking the first step in this fraternity as a Freemason! I’m personally excited and looking forward to your growth in this lifelong journey.

Next, we are now completely moved into our new home. Special thanks go to R.W.B Landals and M.W.B Easterling for their continued work and dedication to National Lodge! I’d also like to thank all of the brothers who have helped in this giant undertaking! Without all of you, this would’ve been a thousand times more difficult!! For those of you who somehow haven’t heard, during the cornerstone removal, we found a time capsule!! I personally am super excited to get this thing cracked open and see what our brethren from the past have left us. Stay tuned for details.

Lastly brethren, I’m also grateful and honored to have been elected to serve as your master! To join the ranks of such brethren that have led this great lodge with dignity is a privilege that I promise to not take lightly. OUR theme for this year is “New Traditions.” Where I plan on keeping our time-honored events in place but adding some twists and other events to build fellowship to keep our members coming back! I’m really looking forward to this year, we have a solid core of officers who are very capable of displaying the fantastic work that we are known for. Remember, if you want to see a certain change use our suggestion section in the bulletin to make your voice heard.

Again, thank you for the confidence you all have reposed in me and as always travel light my brethren!


Steven D. Prentiss, WM-Elect