Senior Warden Message


Greeting’s brethren!

Congratulations to Brother Christopher Nichols in taking his first step into freemasonry. I look forward to watching you continue your journey in the greatest fraternity known to man!!

Congratulations also goes out to the fellas that expanded their masonic studies in the York Rite and became Sir Knights. I hope the degrees that were portrayed at the one-day class were insightful and can help each of you improve yourself!

I would like to thank Brother Will Nichols for all his time and effort with managing the investigation committee!!! It looks like we will have a busy fall ahead of us.

Lastly, I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday!! What’s better than spending time with family and loved ones? Maybe, coming out to lodge to meet some new members? June looks to be like another busy month for National and I’m looking forward in seeing new and old faces on our sidelines. until then….

Travel light gentleman!


Steven D. Prentiss