Pay It Forward

Pay it Forward Program gives the Gift of Freemasonry

The Pay It Forward program allows a person to donate up to $150 towards the initiation fee of a specifically named individual to be used at any Ohio Lodge or to donate up to $150 to a specific lodge, which can use it for any future petitioner.

For example, the program will allow a Mason to donate towards the future initiation fee of his nephew, who would be able to petition any Ohio lodge with the amount his uncle’s donation going towards the initiation fee, or a Mason may donate to benefit a specific lodge, which will choose which future petitioner should benefit from the gift.

The Process

An individual donates up to $150 through a local lodge and completes the Pay it Forward form, specifying either a specific future petitioner or a specific lodge. The lodge immediately forwards the donation and form to the Grand Secretary. The Grand Secretary will issue to the donor a Pay It Forward certificate in the name of the specified future petitioner or a certificate to the specified lodge for the unnamed future petitioner. Upon notification of the death of the donor or at any other time at the request of the donor, the Grand Secretary will send a letter and a copy of the certificate to the individual named on the certificate, notifying him of the wishes of the donor.

“The Pay It Forward program simply formalizes a very old custom,” explained Grand Master Easterling. My father paid for my initiation fee when I joined National Lodge, and towards the end of his life, he gave me an hundred dollar bill to keep for my brother. I carried that bill in my wallet until he expressed an interest to join. I am very excited that this program has been created, allowing more individuals to benefit”