Traveling Gavel Award

The tradition of the Summit County Traveling Gavel award was established during the Inspection season of 2001 and was inspired by R.W.B. George E. Tilden when he was a District Education Officer for the 21st Masonic District.  The Traveling Gavel was named in honor of W.B. Carl Narducci, a Past Master from Portage Lakes Lodge #752, who passed away in May of 2000. He was an accomplished musician who sang and played the piano, including many Lodge meetings and degree nights. He would often travel to other lodges and provide music for their events too.

The Traveling Gavel award is presented during the inspection season each year and is awarded to the visiting brethren at an inspection, within the Summit County boundaries, who has the most members in attendance. A Lodge can receive this award several times during the inspection season and offers a friendly competition between the lodges.  While the exact criteria may have changed over the years, the purpose was to inspire members to travel to other lodges during the inspection season. And just as W.B. Narducci traveled throughout the district, the Traveling Gavel epitomized his dedication to Masonry.

At the completion of each inspection season, the lodge who received this award the most, would be recognized at the annual Awards Recognition dinner held in July. National Lodge has received the Traveling Gavel award several times over the years, and we started this year off in a positive direction. We had the most visiting brethren at Summit Lodge’s inspection on January 26th and our Worshipful Master, Steven D. Prentiss, encourages the brethren to attend as many inspections as your schedules allow.