A New Home for the Cornerstone

    On Saturday, October 22nd, the brethren met at the Masonic Temple, and with the asssitance of John Morganstern (Local Mason Contractor), we were able to cut the stonework loose from the building and remove the conerstone. It did not come out easy, it took several hours of cutting, prying, chiseling by hand to free it from its resting place for over 98 years.

    Once we were able to cut it free from the building, we discovered a sealed copper box, a time-capsule, nestled inside the stone.  It was held in place by a couple of wooden shims.  It was exciting to see that it was there and we are anxious to open it up and inspect the contents.  The history of National Lodge, from the early beginnings, are certainly contained within and we are looking forward to sharing its contents with the brethren.

    For now, the cornerstone is resting comfortably near the entrance of the new Complex.  We are reviewing options for making a new pedistal for it to set on, but for now, its on display for everyone to see.  As for the time-capsule, we are thinking of a formal ‘Opening Ceremony’ sometime in April or June of 2023.  There are many details to plan for this event and we will keep you informed on this historical event.