Changes for National Lodge

At our May 3rd, 2022, stated meeting, we held a discussion concerning the status of our lodge and the Masonic Temple.  It was presented that we currently have close to 220 members, a far cry from the approx.1600 members from back in the 50’s and 60’s.  Back in the early 1920’s, we were fortunate that our predecessors had the foresight to build a Masonic Temple, to help grow masonry in Barberton.  Membership in National Lodge increased to a point where we could sustain our expenses and we flourished to a point that we were the ‘main stay’ within the district.  As time marched forward though, our membership declined, and our partners had to close their doors. 

We must be able to sustain our Lodge within the current membership.  Just as our forefathers made a tough decision in the past, we also find ourselves at point where we must make another tough decision. We need to either improve our facility, to entice more renters to use the building OR find a new home, something that is more suited to our membership and financial condition.

Your lodge has decided to find a new home, move to a facility that offer’s single-story access and modern amenities, like ADA compliant restrooms, Forced Hot Air heat with Air-Conditioned rooms.  A parking lot that holds more than 70 cars and still within the city of Barberton.  As we have a found a new home, we have also secured the sale of our existing building.  A tough decision to make, but in our current financial status, a necessary decision.

With the next few days, you will receive a letter, explaining in more detail the situation that has presented itself. It outlines the process that took place at our June Stated meeting, the visitation date for those who want to review the new facility and the date the membership will vote on these motions to sell and buy the buildings.  We encourage you to review the work dates and keep an eye out for the letter. These are challenging and exciting times for National Lodge.  We feel that by making these changes, we can better fortify our position within Masonry.  To offer a new beginning and make your Lodge more stable for years to come.